Friday, December 30

Let your colors pop in the winter sun.

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Pops of color in the winter sun. We love them. They warm up tiny cold toes and those around you. 

Thursday, December 29

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz

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Fur is not just for women, it's a detail that has been worn by men throughout the times and it continues to speak for elegance and refinement. 

Friday, December 23

Christmas countdown empty handed.

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Shopping with your hands free, it's something we haven't seen in a while. If you're a happily organized person who has gotten all of their holiday shopping done and you're now free to roam empty handed, we envy you as we jump in the car for another round of the violent sporting event commonly refered to as Christmas Shopping. 

Wednesday, December 21

Camel coats in tip top form.

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Nothing can replace a long camel coat and a shapely hat.

Monday, December 19

Dance, dance in your shiny shoes.

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Snazzy seems to be the word of the week. With the holidays around the corner it's all about shiny shoes and tights, short dresses and comfy coats. We're all sacrificing a little comfort for glam and it's working quite nicely. 

Sunday, December 18

Hold on tight to your big balloon.

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Sometimes we spend hours and hours scouring for the perfect gift when the simplest things make the ones we love happiest. 

Saturday, December 17

Like a rock star.

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Dress like a rock star while you do your holiday shopping with a leopard v-neck, some styling plaid pants and a furry warm jacket and your bluest aviators. 

Thursday, December 15

And that's when he pulled a ring out of his jacket pocket.

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An inside pocket is something very intimate. It's where you keep your most valuable posessions. We feel like it's the trap door in the library of every great mystery, it's where all the good stuff is kept safe and where the key to the story is held. Just as no man should ever riffle through a girl's purse no girl should ever touch a man's pockets. 

Thursday, December 8

Bat your lashes foxy, I'm taking you for a ride.

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When you live in France as a guest you see the world with a different set of eyes. As one of us prepares to cross back to where she came from she finds herself appreciating the "Frenchest" things in life like the great curves of a car with two horsepower. Or the adorably functional eyelashes used to keep it's paint job prestine and free of feathered friends. 

Wednesday, December 7

A dandy suit indeed for all of those in need

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A dandy pair of brightly colored pants to cheer us up from all of this grey weather is just what we needed today. With other preppy accessories from ascot to vest this look is classic yet fun, dressy but casual at the same time. We love the use of color and the different elements of a traditional suit broken down into a much more personal matter. 

Sunday, December 4

Baby Doll! Big Shot!

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Those baby-doll looks, they're just irrestistable and virtually anyone can throw them together with items you already have in your closet: a cute pair of Mary Janes, a boxy crop top, some knee high socks and a little hair accessory and you're cute to go!

Saturday, December 3

A little peroxide never hurt anyone.

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Your punk rock hair and your shiny jacket, it's the Jenny Humphrey chic, the cute rocker girl who isn't intimidating but rather stylish. With Harajuku influences this isn't any fake Manga paraphanelia, this is a style, a fashion and we suggest you try it out this Saturday night. 

Friday, December 2

Those bright colored jeans don't fool me.

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It's the late eighties and I'm loving every minute of it! Wait, maybe not, but let's pretend why don't we?

Thursday, December 1

Strikingly red

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Don't be afraid to match in a striking way, stand out with your blinding colors. 

Wednesday, November 30

The morning report

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With newspapers becoming digitalized and magazines appearing only online, it's a rare but precious occasion to observe someone reading the morning paper. A tradition that was once exerced before the workday began in every cafe accross France has suddenly been privatized. Take your paper outside, where the world is buzzing around you. 

Tuesday, November 29

Workwear, for working.

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Everyone deserves a little break, the most enjoyable moment of most work days when colleagues can get out, have some fresh air and a little afternoon pick-me-up. We can't get enough of workwear in all of its glorious forms! 

Monday, November 28

8 heads in a duffle bag.

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A big duffle bag and a pair of boots may sound like your average army gear but they're super stylish and incredibly charming. There is a reason we all love uniforms, the sense of power and ruggedness brought on my the military combo is sure to please. 

Thursday, November 24

Big Red.

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Bright red pants and a smile, the picture perfect winter warm-up!

Tuesday, November 22

You know you're a 90s kid if...

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Light denim isn't just for summer this season. With the strong 90s revival that is stretching from garments to music to interior design we're really feeling this head-to-toe in denim, over sized shirts and  flannel vibe. Keep it up and keep it classy in that trucker hat.

Monday, November 21

Monday morning with a jolt.

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On a Monday, I'll make an impression. I'll take my favorite print and blow it up, I'll take my hair and make it bigger and I'll show everyone who I am so that my light can shine on them throughout the week. 

Sunday, November 20

Sunday night blues.

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Sunday blues are hard. The weekend comes to an end and the fun is over. We hope you spent your precious time off with the ones you love and you walked home with the sun setting behind you, it's the perfect way to ensure the work week will fly by so you can get back to the park. 

Saturday, November 19

Ride your bike today.

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A bicycle is really a very practical mode of transportation. It doesn't use petrol, you can weave through traffic, strap a market crate to the back of it to store your invaluables and get to where you need to be while getting in your daily excerise. We believe in the bicycle, we understand that while cars may be faster, warmer and a little more comfortable, the bicycle allows you to take in all of what your city has to offer at a slower, more enjoyable pace.

Thursday, November 17

Backpack, for your back.

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The indispensable, the necessary and probably the most comfortable way for all the guys in our lives to carry their belongings: the backpack. 

As much as girls will tell you they loathe this particular accessory, remiscing on middle school days that were filled with Jansports and Eastpacks, they all prefer to stowe their stuff into totes or handbags. 

Ladies, we are deeply mistaken. 

When you take your boys backpack and run around for a few hours you will feel that that tight shoulder pain you've grown to know and learned to forget is suddenly gone. Gone with it is that constantly slightly curved posture, that strained feeling in your arm. Backpacks are a genius concept. 

The only problem is they look so fetching in vintage leather on men and so positively hideous on their female counterparts. 

Tuesday, November 15

Follow the yellow brick road!

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A little girl in a mustard coat, what could be more stylish? Yellow isn't just for kids but this very grown up jacket looks darling on a miniature person. 

Monday, November 14

Take your dog to work day.

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Have you taken your doggy to work today? 

There is something so comforting about a pooch in the workplace. Firstly it takes all of the attention off of you, also, it evokes that old world hunting vibe that you can accentuate with a very large cigar. Dogs also give you a reason to take a longer break, have a stroll mid-day and no one underminds the man who has his dog next to his desk, if they let him bring a furry friend, he must be of great importance. 

That's right, whether you're rushing home to see your best bud or you just couldn't stay away from your critter from 9 to 5, please walk your dog in a suit, it's amazing really. 

Sunday, November 13

Out of the blue.

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With this utterly amazing warm weekend, we feel the need to pull out brighter colors. Our favorite fall bright has to be this electric blue worn in pairs. The touches of red bring out that vibrancy so specific to this color. 

Saturday, November 12

I walk in there with my orange velvet leggings...

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This week I'm making Pomanders, spicing up my little home with orangy goodness to bring in the Holiday spirit. With Thanksgiving around Halloween just having passed, we can't get enough of the rich orange goodness we're seeing all around us. Between a pumpkin and a brown, it's just the right shade. 

Thursday, November 10

I found it a great anecdote, lipstick, mirrors and hairspray!

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Tweed in the street, red on the lips and those glasses. Look to the older generations to construct your wardrobe. 

Wednesday, November 9

Get into the habit of looking smart.

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School uniforms are for many a hard and limiting aspect of their every day lives. For me, it's always been a dream to have one. I've always seen something so special about that "put together" look a school uniform brings and how ones individuality is actually accentuated in the uniform: everything that falls out of place is brought forward demonstrating your own, or your parents', personality. Uneven socks and polka dot bows are incredible and the uniform provides the perfect canvas for these. 

Tuesday, November 8

And then there were those Sundays when Papa dressed me and Mommy said I looked like a clown.

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There is something priceless and enchanting about the father daughter relationship. A dad is caring and loving, protecting and fun, but most of all a dad has no idea how to dress his little princess so most father daughter looks are like this one: entirely comical. 

Monday, November 7

How hard did you Fall for her?

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Fall looks for boys and girls. Belted sweater dresses are soft and comfortable, made fashion forward and urban by studded boots and big shades. For the boys in our lives it's paisley scarves with deep saffron pants worn with a pompom hat, what could be more endearing? 

Tuesday, November 1

Can you paint with all of the colors of the wind?

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Indian Jaquards are here to stay. They've made slight appearance the past few seasons but walking through Le Bon Marche today I realized that they were everywhere. Since my mother is pretty much a hippy was too young to ever really be one, she's been sporting these native American inspired gems for as long as I can remember. Once again, here I am, wishing I could raid her closet. 

What we want aren't the light, mainstream cotton jaquards but the real scratchy, heavy, smell-like-a-wet-dog-in-the-rain ones, and those, my friend, were not to be found. 

Let the hunt begin. 

Side note: everyone is also wearing these crepe wedges which are great because they feel like slippers but in essence this is no news at all. 

Monday, October 31

Happy Halloween and Happy Avoversary!

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Happy Halloween indeed. Not that this look has anything of a costume to it but purple seems to be the forgotten Halloween color in Europe. In good ol'Merica purple is a big deal for Halloween but the French seem to disregard this, saving their dear aubergine color for more regal occasions. Either way this look for me is all about deep fall colors, between the camel and the purple, it makes me want to do a corn maze and drink apple cider, dip my hands into a cold smelly pumpkin and eat about four pounds of candy corn. 

Friday, October 28

The stillness of October gold went out like beauty from a face.

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For the bravest of the brave there is such thing as the summer short. It's a sort of way of saying I'm fearless or my tan is still warming my skin, or better yet, I just hopped off a plane from some lush tropical location, just popping through for a quick coffee before I'm on my way back to my bungalow. 

Either way, we can't tell if we should be inspired or frightened by the strength of the October short man but there is something endearing about this look and most of all if the bare legs didn't catch your eye, I'm sure the old postman bike did. 

Hats off to you Mr. Fall Shorts, may your legs stay numb and your immune system strong. 

Thursday, October 27

Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.

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It's a college look, a vintage knit and a deep forest green pair of pants. Boating shoes with a moccasin feel and a true as time leather bag. The fetish lies in the bright pink bicycle, every girls dream no matter how cool. We can't get enough of it, we want to own it, but really what this look is, is a feeling. 

Monday, October 24

Rei Kawakubo

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Rei Kawakubo once admitted that for her the best dressed women in the world were the bag ladies in New York. There is something to be said about layering, draping, the collection of elements that are used in a sum of colors, and shapes creating an element all on its own. This look is so representative of that side of fashion, as a decomposition of layers this could be the most impressive way to wear it.

Sunday, October 23

I want to travel. Maybe I'll end up living in Norway, making cakes.

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Lately, and when I say lately sometimes I mean for what feels like ages, I have a profound obsession with Norwegian knitwear. I see it everywhere I go and it's like I have to have it. There is something to simple yet so welcomming, warm and cozy about a Scandinavian wool sweater that makes you want to curl up by the fire with a good book, or go for a walk in the woods. I love them on kids, I love them on a baby, I love them on a boyfriend, I really just want to love them on myself. 

So Christmas hints to all, I'm on the market for a sweater like this. Also I love the pants and the gorgeous leather jacket so you don't have to fight over who gets me what!

Saturday, October 22

The genius of investing is recognizing the direction of a trend - not catching highs and lows

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We are so often inspired by the runways and the magazines that we stop to take a look around and realize that it's the people around us that choose what we wear. 

Thursday, October 20

It was all about the vibrancy of color.

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Fashion Week feels years away already. We haven't crossed paths with a lovely pair of Louboutins like these in quite some time. Nor have we had the pleasure of seeing runway on the sidewalk. Looking back it all feels so shiny and gorgeous, everyone looks a little drab with the cold weather starting. 

It's hard to remember those sweaty Paris Fashion Week days but we're more than ready for a break, some time on an island far, far, away before we jump back into it in January. 

Monday, October 17

A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in.

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Any milliner will tell you that a hat is a statement, a personality, a means of expression. Any hat owner will tell you that a hat represents an occasion, a feeling, a place and a time. And anyone passing a hat wearer will notice them, judge them and share a moment with them. 

Hats really are the best way to make your head a whole lot bigger, in a good way of course.

Sunday, October 16

"Lonely cat lady" is not so catchy.

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Cat ladies tend to have the worst of reputations. They're seen as hermits, cooky and a bit off their rockers by most. However, this cat ladies proves all of the sceptics wrong with her adorable print skirt that plays off of her rocker chick tattoos and her amazing turquoise shoes. Don't be embarassed to love your kitties, they can be cool too. 

We all have geeky obsessions, it's just a matter of presenting them in the most attractive way. 

Friday, October 14

How to comb your afro.

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There is something about a hair comb that I believe attracks different types of people. For a long time these were associated with older ladies who wore then decorated with beads and pearls. Then, for some unknown reason, they were adopted by rap culture and picked into afros as a sign of some sort. My lack of knowledge on rap style prevents me from explaining this trend but this woman seems to have a rather comical take on the affair. With a large tag for bling-factor and this histerical comb she is the epitome of gansta style in all of her primp and proper elegance. The perfect juxtaposition of style and class. 

Thursday, October 13

James Goldstein, a Fashion Lover.

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There are people out there still who just love fashion. Who have no direct affiliation to the industry but who are staples. They attend the shows, invest their money and give support to designers. James Goldstein is one of them. He can be seen at all of the shows in London, Paris and Milan, refusing New York Fashion Week claiming to have no interest in American designers. The basketball/fashion lover is the perfect example of the love of fashion. When respect and passion is combined with extravagant style you meet Mr. Goldstein and his Fashion Cowboy reputation.

Tuesday, October 11

A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.

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We share a great deal of respect for those who still wear black to a fashion show. Fashion Week has been full of white and pink and orange and yellow this season. Paris was at its hottest and with all of the sun shining no one was thinking of the photographers and the old-fashioned respect one has for designers in strapping on a pair of black trousers. As fun as it is to bring out your loudest and most outrageous outfit at a show it's also very frustrating for photographers. If your white pants in the front row are throwing off all of the settings on their camera, they can't get a good shot so for us black still reigns at the shows. 

I heard a young girl say something very silly the other day and it made me think about how people and bloggers view fashion today. She was telling her friends that if you are dressed very extravagantly outside a show and there is room left inside you can get in. There is absolutely no truth to this whatsoever. It is common sense that we dress for our neighbors, not for the designer. No one wants to be upstaged on their wedding and the same goes for opening night. So show a little respect and put on a black dress please.

Monday, October 10

Bill Cunningham, a legend.

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Right off the runway and onto the next. It's incredible to see looks transpire to the street. In essence it's the opposite of street-style, it's something that is not at all created from what is seen around us but made in a studio, with a design team with years of experience and insight. What is street-style then? 
For us, it's a look, a style, a trend, an item that is born on the sidewalk, in the rain, in the heat of the summer or in the sleet and snow. Its something that comes about by need, out of practicality or simply because it runs with the times. A look that is born from the people, that doesn't require four months salary to purchase but just a little imagination or not even. 

That's not to say we do not admire the runway. As the father of all street style photographers once said,  we have to observe and recount every aspect of style in all of its forms to truly understand where fashion is at a given point in time. From the runway, to the parties and then to the street there is truth in fashion and truth in its talk of society today. 
Perhaps what impresses most is that runway looks still exist today. It's a sort of old-fashioned way of dressing if you really think about it. It means that somewhere great designers are still respected.

Sunday, October 9

The tale of two sisters.

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There are two Sozzani girls and they are both just as facinating. It always amazes me how two people can look so much alike and also share the same interests. When it comes to esthetics the Sozzani sisters reign in art and fashion going hand in hand from show to show with their long blonde hair and girlish faces. 

Friday, October 7

Fading into the backdrop.

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How many times can you see a face that you don't even know? Possibly the scariest part of Fashion Week is the repetitiveness of it all. Every year, at every show we see the same people. As you sit accross from them and watch the same models walk you realize that they are just becoming part of the backdrop. Ms. Dello Russo stands out in the street. There is no doubt about it. When she goes jogging on the Corso Como she shines, so imagine her outside a show; the woman is positively blinding as she leans over and says "Ciao". 

The strangest part is when you walk inside the show and take your seat she suddenly disappears. Every runway shot I have from this season has Anna Dello Russo in the background and only when I looked back at all of my pictures did I realize. It's eerie to think that you sit accross from these people every day for about two months a year but when you think of them they're still nothing but a picture. 


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