Friday, September 30

It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.

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Vintage, its always in. Go to any show this Paris Fashion Week and sure you'll see looks from the latest collections but you'll also see looks from years past and then loads and loads of vintage. It seems as though no fashion victim's outfit is complete without a vintage element. 

Thursday, September 29

The shoes of a rockstar...

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On stage, off stage and at every show, sport your leopard.

Wednesday, September 28

My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.

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Because we love dogs and their owners. So much, so very very much. 

Sunday, September 25

Goodbye Folk Store.

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Ironically the "in" neighborhood in Mexico City right now is Colonia Roma. 
All the more ironically in the heart of Roma you'll find Goodbyefolk where the owner is a shoe maker with a passion for vintage clothing and a eye for design. The clothes take the same concept as Urban Renewal and other stores such as Kiliwatch; vintage clothes are taken in and re-vamped into original designs that maintain that trusted worn feel. At the back of the boutique there is a conveniently located hair salon. 

Goodbyefolk gives you the total-look experience, stores like this are being criticized left and right for taking away the individuality of vintage clothing and the modern hipster lifestyle. We tend to feel that the one-stop shop, done with quality and taste by true craftsmen is anything but cheesy, it is a convenient and easy way to style your life. 

Follow the link for more images from Goodbyefolk.

Saturday, September 24

My cousin Francis and I are in perfect accord - he wants Milan, and so do I.

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 With Fashion Week in Milan we're getting an overdose of flashy, glitzy glam looks. It's not necessarily bad to add a little sleaze to your wardrobe in the right seeting.

Friday, September 23

A small jean genie snuck off to the city.

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Denim conjugations are what this season has been all about. Jeans are meant to disappear, they are the blank canvas that bring out your lovely top and your colorful bag but they are not to be forgotten. These denim shorts are probably your best friend in warmer weather. 

Thursday, September 22

Baby, you can drive my car.

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Let's take a drive into the sunset and chase that summer heat. 

Wednesday, September 21

A simple pair of black flats and the world goes round.

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It doesn't matter what they say, everyone is still wearing Tory Burch flats. We'll let it fly. 

Tuesday, September 20

Never let the hand you hold, hold you down.

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Workwear, its what we wear everyday, its what we need to exude confidence, and its what we rely on when we dress to impress.

Sunday, September 18

A woman in Mexico wanted me to heal her. But I can't heal anybody.

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As the semester starts a lot of students will be running off to various new lands. The quintessential foreign student should run out and buy a local bag for their travel necessities, from guide books to cameras to travel journals. This beautiful aztec inspired bag is perfect for touring Mexico City in style! 

Saturday, September 17

À bientôt Le Mont Saint Michel !

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Our last photo with Le Mont Saint Michel.

Thursday, September 15

Le Mont Saint Michel Fall Cardigan

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Le Mont Saint Michel, the perfect fall cardigan. 

Wednesday, September 14

Le Mont Saint Michel in warmer knits

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The start of fall is approaching and we're turning to Le Mont Saint Michel for quality knits in camel and cardigan shapes.

Tuesday, September 13

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.

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We're ready for tights, but not ready to lose the color just yet. Pre-fall if you will should be warm both in texture and color. 

Sunday, September 11

Le Mont Saint Michel by the seaside.

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Le Mont Saint Michel in Breton stripes by the sea. 

Saturday, September 10

Could be a Rosie Pope?

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Pregnancy is a time to shine. When your hair, skin and nails are at their best, embrace your belly and adorn it with color. 

Friday, September 9

Le Mont Saint Michel Electric Blue.

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Le Mont Saint Michel electric blue. 

Thursday, September 8

The world is a pile of grunge.

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A grunge era reborn from its ashes. If you haven't had your dose of flannel in the 80s we just got word that it is socially acceptable to sport it again. Also, you can update your walkman to an iPod and no one will judge you. 

Wednesday, September 7

Le Mont Saint Michel Indian Summer

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Le Mont Saint Michel draws in to the Indian Summer with native inspired prints and colors.

Tuesday, September 6

Oye, mi bien, tú la reina de Isla Mujeres.

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Summer weddings done up Mexican style. We are suckers for ethnic clothes, they are after all the primary inspiration for trends everywhere. When so much detail is put into a garment its a true sign of quality and skill, a demonstration of culture in elegance and style. 

Monday, September 5

Le Mont Saint Michel silk.

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Le Mont Saint Michel in silk.

Sunday, September 4

Harley's been influential, but I'm not a big Harley fan.

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Whether you ride a Harley or a bicycle you can still be a hardcore chick. Its all about the attitude. 

Saturday, September 3

Le Mont Saint Michel in jersey.

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Le Mont Saint Michel stripy jersey dresses for work and play. 

Friday, September 2

Elvis Costello had a brand new bag. He was a musician, but he knew all about the attitude part of it.

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As your off to school today think about the bag you're using, does it speak for you?

Thursday, September 1

Le Mont Saint Michel vintage knits.

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Le Mont Saint Michel vintage knits don't need to match, they make a statement with any other. 


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