Wednesday, February 29

Those plastic heels hit me right in the heart.

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Plastic heels, it's an amazing concept, you get the height and style without the soggy tights, we love it. With an oversized coat and a classic brown bag, fake or real noone is telling, it's the perfect look for these mid-season days where the sky can turn on you at any corner. 

Friday, February 24

Let's talk about the 80s.

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Let's talk about hair, let's talk about the 80s and let's talk about the high rise. When you take a look to it's fullest extent there's something of a sentiment of dedication. You're emboying a whole style, an entire generation of fashion forward innovators. It's almost like dressing as your favorite super hero as a kid. We love the high high pants and the high high hair. The biker jacket is edgy and feminine at the same time. A look to kill, no doubt. 

Thursday, February 16

Always judge someone by their shoes. Always.

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My grandmother once told me that you can easily judge someone by their shoes. You shoes are really a great expression of how you care for everything in life. I've found that overly sentimental people will hang on to a pair of sneakers for years while meticulously clean folks will have sparkling white shoes. I guess when you're dressed like everyone else and your shoes are practically jumping off the ground they're so big and bright you probably secretly wish your whole outfit was glowing. 

Wednesday, February 15

Winter blossoms.

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Florals aren't just for the spring time. We love these vintage print skinny jeans worn with quite possibly the most perfect low booties you've ever seen. But really the magic of this look is in the hoodie, for a girl to look like she hasn't just rolled out of bed in a hoodie: now that takes skill my friend. 

Tuesday, February 7

Wrap your head.

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Protect your head and your ears from the crazy cold without losing an inch of style. We love this adorable headwrap and amazingly laid-back trousers. 

Saturday, February 4

Damir Doma Fall/Winter 2012/13

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Menswear will be so peaceful this fall. The Damir Doma show was beautiful, some models sporting gentle robes like yoga masters and others strong fur vests like cavemen. The whole week went by in such a rush and now it's time to start again. Now that we've seen what the boys will be wearing next fall let's find out what's in store for the girls!

See more from the Damir Doma show after the jump!

Thursday, February 2

Make it mine.

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Chuck Taylors, they're the everyone shoe. From hipsters to prepsters to rockers we all own a pair that we just can't let go of. The beauty of these shoes is that despite the fact that they are recognized from a mile away they are like a blank canvas so choose to make them "you" any way you find suitable. 

Wednesday, February 1

Freezing, cold, sunshine!

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Boys and girls, it's time for some color! The sun is shining despite the frigid temperatures and these pops of color are keeping us going even if it feels like we might lose a few toes. Bring. It. On.


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