Tuesday, November 1

Can you paint with all of the colors of the wind?

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Indian Jaquards are here to stay. They've made slight appearance the past few seasons but walking through Le Bon Marche today I realized that they were everywhere. Since my mother is pretty much a hippy was too young to ever really be one, she's been sporting these native American inspired gems for as long as I can remember. Once again, here I am, wishing I could raid her closet. 

What we want aren't the light, mainstream cotton jaquards but the real scratchy, heavy, smell-like-a-wet-dog-in-the-rain ones, and those, my friend, were not to be found. 

Let the hunt begin. 

Side note: everyone is also wearing these crepe wedges which are great because they feel like slippers but in essence this is no news at all. 

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