Monday, October 10

Bill Cunningham, a legend.

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Right off the runway and onto the next. It's incredible to see looks transpire to the street. In essence it's the opposite of street-style, it's something that is not at all created from what is seen around us but made in a studio, with a design team with years of experience and insight. What is street-style then? 
For us, it's a look, a style, a trend, an item that is born on the sidewalk, in the rain, in the heat of the summer or in the sleet and snow. Its something that comes about by need, out of practicality or simply because it runs with the times. A look that is born from the people, that doesn't require four months salary to purchase but just a little imagination or not even. 

That's not to say we do not admire the runway. As the father of all street style photographers once said,  we have to observe and recount every aspect of style in all of its forms to truly understand where fashion is at a given point in time. From the runway, to the parties and then to the street there is truth in fashion and truth in its talk of society today. 
Perhaps what impresses most is that runway looks still exist today. It's a sort of old-fashioned way of dressing if you really think about it. It means that somewhere great designers are still respected.

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