Tuesday, May 31

Dance is the only art in which we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.

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Dancing not in front of a mirror but on a mirror, lose the bar and hang on to the air around you. We love this little girl's grace with her straw hat and her summer dress she is the perfect picture of the prima ballerina on vacation. Take us with you. 

Monday, May 30

I am my own universe, I am my own professor.

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Yet another work week inspiration. This time we're loving the fashionable intellectual look. It's practically consuming us, which may have something to do with the school year ending and the thought that with it all of our favorite university intellectuals will be putting down their leather brief cases, stowing away their blazers and the lovely khakis that we will miss so dearly. For our sake, please just leave them on. 

Sunday, May 29

I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature.

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This season we're experiencing yet another come back of the lovely lace white shirt. For most, it reminds them of linens at their grandmothers', summers as a child running through endless fields of grass. This country classic brings a story to everyone's mind and for that very reason it will always be in style. Worn with patten leather red shoes it reminds the world you are a grown up, a fashionable one  at that. 

Saturday, May 28

I put the costume on and said "It's not very comfortable but it looks amazing." so it's all good.

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Be daring, more daring than you ever thought you could be. Don't be trapped by the thought of looking like you're in costume, we all are, it just comes down to who's costume makes you jump out of your seat. 

Friday, May 27

No great intellectual thing was ever done by great effort.

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The troubled intellectual. Sometimes the most solitary moments are those that draw others to you. So even when you're reading try and do it in style, with classic moccasins, a vintage inspired leather satchel and a denim jacket, you'll be fetching. 

Thursday, May 26

A continual flight from wonder.

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When you're walking down the street pretend you're on the runway, you'll start to believe it and you'll stand out just like a top model. We love this look, its natural feel, the dress is almost part of the wind and the shoes so discreet yet so perfect. Long dresses can fall straight or they can lift off the ground and take flight. 

Wednesday, May 25

Bicycling is the nearest approximation I know to the flight of birds.

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Spring has brought with it all of our favorite gorgeous weather activities. From the landscaping of our apartment gardens to riding our bicycles everywhere (yes everywhere, even to Ikea). 
We are loving every minute of this springtime bliss. 

Tuesday, May 24

A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.

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Have you taken your dog to the seaside this season? Our little furry friends are often the best excuse for a getaway. 

Monday, May 23

We're all Adam's children. But silk makes the difference.

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We all have little collections. One of our favorites are scarves, silk, wool, cotton, patterned or solid we can't ever have enough. When summer months come we're sometimes a bit frustrated, unable to wear our little treasures and when we find looks like these our troubles are appeased. 

A scarf can be a belt! 

Who would have thought? 

Ok, maybe this is a bit of an exageration but we love this look. We love how the patterns lie in the accessory, we love the soft flowing materials and most of all we're off to turn our little silk friends into belts!

Sunday, May 22

Aloha Moondoggies!

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Sometimes homemade creations are crafty, silly looking, almost comical. This one is gorgeous. It is truly the sign of a great designer inside her beautiful dress reminiscent of a 1970s barbeque in a home somewhere in the suburbs of Los Angeles by a poolside. A look that is clearly coming back. 

Saturday, May 21

You can't run away from trouble. There ain't no place that far.

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What could be in this runaway fashionista's enormous bags? One can only imagine more beautiful dresses, more adorable heels and some great pins for that perfect hair-do...

Friday, May 20

Against the bold, daring is unsafe.

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Fashion in the summer its all about bigger shapes, long draping tops in bright colors. We love this very urban take that doesn't sacrifice any of it's alternative cosmopolitan feel under the sun. With the newer generation of leggings we're accepting that pants are after all optional and jackets don't always have to be perfectly tailored if they're perfectly styled.  Counter-couture at it's finest.

Thursday, May 19

Hot town, summer in the city.

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Bold bright are what this season is all about, that and adorable peep-toe wedges. This black and orange look embodies a true city summer, both cosmopolitan and refined yet more playful and daring as one tends to be in the warmer months. 

Wednesday, May 18

My mother says we're not like the rest of the children!

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There are references in fashion and culture that can be just as glorifying as they can be dangerous. In this case, Little House on the Prairie just made the runway. Vintage from head to toe, this good-girl look gets a little kick in the rear end from a pair of combat boots. From grandma to fashionista with an adorable pup, this look truly embodies a sense of styling that is so hard to come by. 

Tuesday, May 17

But a Dandy can never be a vulgar man.

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A dandy look indeed. We love classic work wear, most of all when it's updated. A gray jacket with black pants lightens the weight of a suit, making it more fashionable and less square. With a pink tie and sunglasses there is an unmistakeably fresh, young and quite flirtatious vibe to this look.

Monday, May 16

Ideas, ideas, backward and forward. His influence is layers and layers of spirit.

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Layered skirts never go out of style, we see them coming back every springtime for another spin. This embroidered number is gorgeous with it's vintage details. Worn with little black wedges and a simple top it loses all of it's seemingly country vibe for a more cosmopolitan look. 

Sunday, May 15

Elegance is innate. It has nothing to do with being well dressed.

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Gorgeous, elegant, timeless. It's sometimes hard to tell whether the clothes make the person or the person makes the clothes. In this case it seems to be a bit of both, in order to pull off this amazing hat one must have a certain allure to go with it. The light summer clothes and a unique handbag this look is effortless yet powerful. 

Saturday, May 14

Well I guess I just look better in blue.

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Workwear for the younger set. This summer your internship doesn't have to cramp your style, these high waisted shorts are office safe and worn with coordinated accessories the look is sharp, smart and professional.

Friday, May 13

But a girl of seventeen is not always looking for books, especially in the Oxford summer team.

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Brogues are not just for winter. We love them paired with this adorable skirt and the coral shirt. They are the ideal shoe for city summers and we can't get enough.

Thursday, May 12

I carry groceries home on the tank of my motorcycle.

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All of this sunshine is making us dream of riding these through the streets of our little city. 

Wednesday, May 11

Mister and Misses.

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There is a brand new store in town that goes by the name of Monsieur Madame.

To start, we can't get enough of the decorating. Walking into Monsieur Madame is like walking onto a movie set, with vintage touches and mixed patterns. Every detail is precisely thought out to intregue, from the gorgeous wallpaper to the beautiful floating clothes racks, whoever designed this store deserves a great deal of credit.

Monday, May 9

A picnic under a tree.

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Our third photoshoot for Le Mont Saint Michel gave way to a picnic under the trees. We love these gorgeous shots of the couple in camel. 
More pictures of this shoot on our AVOGAIRE and Le Mont Saint Michel page. 

Sunday, May 8

Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.

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Tartan obsessed. Again, we are bringing you looks from the source. We've seen mixed matched patterns all over lately and now we're sure to know where they come from. 

Friday, May 6

The beautious eyes of the spring's fair night with comfort are downward gazing.

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The first few nights out of spring are always incredible. You can take your newest dresses out for a spin, show some let and brighten up your now usual black outing uniform with color. We love this flowing silk dress, the adorable peep toe heels and the perfect clutch for the perfect evening. 

Thursday, May 5

When in doubt, wear red.

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Red all over. We love this haute couture on the streets look. When you take the most amazing shoes you can wear them with just about anything and dress up even a white t-shirt. The dramatic silk scarf and the adorable bag complete this over the top spring outfit. 

Wednesday, May 4

Measure not the work until the day's out and the labor done.

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Workday recap. It's time to freshen up all of our work wardrobes. Opting for lush corals and little suede heels, a lighter more comfortable blazer and it's spring time in the office. 

Monday, May 2

I want people to bow as they see me.

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Bows, bows and more bows. We love this sexy yet cute top. It's the perfect way to dress up a white t-shirt. 

Sunday, May 1

In the early days, I had a very black-and-white view of everything.

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Mother and daughter in linen. We love these assorted looks, a romper in black, a little dress in white and two adorable smiles. 


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