Saturday, April 30

The French Touch.

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We were generously invited to Les Terrasses Bleues in Bordeaux this Thursday. The event was beautiful, the music enchanting and the hostesses adorable. 

For more on this event sponsored by 1664 follow the jump!

Friday, April 29

A dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.

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There is no right outfit to walk your dog. We love the bravery of this man in his suit with his slobbering pup. 

Thursday, April 28

Some day someone is going to come up with a stud show that will work.

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Warmer weather rocker chic. We love this studded ensemble with a gorgeous dark take on the sun hat this look is composed, eclectic and fun. 

Wednesday, April 27

Out of the blue.

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We're is getting ready for a very blue evening tomorrow. Can anyone guess where? We hope to see you there...

Tuesday, April 26

It is the soundness of the bones that ultimates itself in the peach-bloom complexion

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Peachy pink is the color of springtime. We love warm weather knits and chinos, summer scarves and wedges, beach towns, beach weather and sunshine. 

Monday, April 25

Is teal a green?

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Mixing patterns, mixing colors, mixing trends. Simple chinos are the perfect canvas for springtime, you can wear just about anything with them and keep your look classic. We love the teal moccassins, the original jacket, the perfectly thought out accessoires. 

Sunday, April 24

Easter spells out beauty.

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Easter on the beach. Before we all go back to school and jobs and the city we'd like to take a moment to smell the roses on our adorable romper and sit out in the sun. The little summer preview has been too good to last. 

Saturday, April 23

I have a hat. It is graceful and feminine and gives me a certain dignity.

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We're seeing work wear everywhere. We were particularily drawn to this beachy, feminine take on the cargo jacket. Worn with a straw hat and espadrilles it is magically transformed into a fashionably feminine item, complimented ever more by the girly handbag. We love watching the transformation of androgynous clothing, it's the real essence of mixing and inventing. 

Friday, April 22

Wearing a bow-tie is a statement.

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This photo is from our second shoot with Le Mont Saint Michel. The navy blue bow-tie sweater is from their men's collection with the Belgian band Das Pop.
Another picture of this shoot on our
AVOGAIRE and Le Mont Saint Michel page.

Thursday, April 21

I put all my genius into my life; I put only my talent into my works.

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Work wear, we all try to interpret in through our style, we covet and envy those who sport it naturally. 

Wednesday, April 20

Being a lady is an attitude.

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The working woman. We love this modern take on a suit, it's feminine, powerful yet far from boring. We love when women can express their style in the work place, going for stylish interesting suits rather than the traditional a-line and blazer. 

Tuesday, April 19

He won't, won't he? Then bring me my boots.

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Summer boots and girly flowers are back again this season. We love these little booties in linen with leather seams, the pink girly dress and the adorable headband, the perfect look for a springtime walk around town. 

Monday, April 18

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, a man cannot live without love.

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Rompers are back for another season in the sun. This floral ensemble is so light and flowing it makes us drool for summer fun. The two toned heels allow it to be worn in a city setting and take the traditionally laid back romper to a whole new dressy dimension. 

Sunday, April 17

Along the beach I never collected shells from my father's shore.

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Bare legs and marine time shirts aren't just for the seaside. Grab your espadrilles and moccasins for some springtime shopping around town.

Friday, April 15

The flower is a jumble of things, the sun's harem, the most oriental thing imaginable.

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Harem pants aren't just bohemian this season. In gorgeous silk colors these flowing comfortable summer trousers are the perfect springtime item, elegant and light.

Thursday, April 14

Blushing is the color of virtue.

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Color blocking is an art. It can be retro or bohemian, give a modern architectual feeling or a vintage vibe. What we love most about this look is the surprising mix of colors and the springtime bliss it exubes.

Wednesday, April 13

A secret in the Oxford sense: you may only tell one person at a time.

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Original prints like this zebra sweater give a very personal and fun touch to basics, dressing up your oxfords with printed laces can bring femininity and grace to classic menswear items.

Monday, April 11

I'm told leather drives men up the wall.

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Highly structured looks are always interesting visually. Sometimes they make us think of sculpture or metal like this leather jacket with it's hard looking edges. An elegant yet modern ensemble made up of one very unique eye-catching item. 

Sunday, April 10

No one wants to drop a silk blouse on a box of melting ice cream.

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Silk floral blouses will never be out of style. They're a kind of forgotten timeless item that graces every woman's wardrobe. This season more than ever work your blouses into your silhouettes with high waisted khakis and trendy sunglasses. You'll discover the versatility and elegance of the tops that can follow you for a lifetime. 

Saturday, April 9

The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.

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With springtime here it's time to pull out your bright pants, espadrilles and floral pants. 

Friday, April 8

Goodbye winter, hello springtime!

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Knits all over. We love this look it's a goodbye to the winter in the warmest way. 

Thursday, April 7

The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon.

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Longer days mean you can take your daytime ensembles into dusk without a hint of regret. We love this flowery springtime look, it's flirty and girly but it's vintage vibe keeps it from being too cute. 

Wednesday, April 6

Don't try to write the trend of the moment.

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When we realize where the trendy outfits we wear really come from we are sometimes surprised. The origin of fashions are often unexpected. 

Tuesday, April 5

My name is Gladiator.

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We are loving the interesting mixes we're seeing in mid-season clothing. These sandals worn with a rolled up trench coat are take classic items like the vintage briefcase to a new, fashion forward level. 

Monday, April 4

Growing heavy for the vintage.

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Vintage looks are always favorites, tried and true they carry us from season to season. We love the green dress worn with a plaid cape, it's a confident and daring look that screams high fashion.

Sunday, April 3

AVOGAIRE and Le Mont Saint Michel

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Our first photo shoot with Le Mont Saint Michel...

More pictures on our AVOGAIRE and Le Mont Saint Michel page...

Friday, April 1

I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature.

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Geometric jackets and lace skirts, romantic yet modern and fresh. As always we love how perfectly beige and black seem to marry, with creamy feminine softness and the harder edge brought by eternally elegant black. The heels give a sexier feel to this girly skirt providing an almost cake-like presence. 


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