Wednesday, March 30

Nature, like man, sometimes weeps for gladness.

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Rain boots and capes are here to stay. Comfy, cozy, and practical, this look is ideal for days like these where you don't know what the weather will do. 

Tuesday, March 29

Funny that a pair of really nice shoes makes us feel good in our heads - at the opposite end of our bodies.

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With contradicting forecasts these contrasting shoes are probably best, half way between seasons and ready for anything we love the shapes and color combo. 

Monday, March 28

Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps.

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Windbreakers are possibly the most practical jackets of all. Usually though, they're close to hideous. We love this leather take on practicality and the matching shoes contribute so well to the cool factor. 

Sunday, March 27

A woman with a briefcase can steal millions more than any man with a gun.

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Carrot shaped pants are everywhere. We love this look as it reminds us of vintage men's wear with the traditional moccasins and the briefcase-like handbag. The modern print of the blouse works perfectly with a good-girl collar like this one. 

Saturday, March 26

Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels.

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The three heels of the year, from spring to summer, from fall and through the winter, we´ve seen these three over and again. We just thought we wrap them all into one.

Thursday, March 24

Who can live without some black clothes?

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Modern cuts and layers. A this classic all black ensemble, it's both minimalist and intriguing with each form melting into itself through the darkness of it all. 

Wednesday, March 23

A ring is a halo on your finger.

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Cute and romantic with a harder edge. With this adorable skirt, the chunky power girl boots, and the real collection of gorgeous funky rings we just want to take this look home with us. It's hard not to steal these little gems off of the picture. 

Tuesday, March 22

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

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Elegance is sometimes classic, sometimes fleeting and sometimes mysterious as well. We feel this look encompasses the three vital elements that strike you from a distance. 

Monday, March 21

Love and the lucky couple.

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Cute, tailored, and put together. We love this couple's style, from pumpkin tights to wool blazers, from v-neck sweaters to patten leather brogues. 

Sunday, March 20

But, apart from that, there was very little underneath the suit.

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There's nothing grander than a man in a suit. We love the little stylish details added to this classic business look. Little touches give your uniform personality. 

Saturday, March 19

And for me, only people who take the metro.

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Classic yet enhanced. We love the high wasted pants rolled up at the bottom to expose adorable leather shoes, the way the mustard top compliments the more camel colors of the rest of the ensemble, we feel this outfit can take you almost anywhere. 

Friday, March 18

Honor's a good brooch to wear in a man's hat at all times.

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Sometimes all it takes are key accessories. A funky leopard hat, a gorgeous oversized bag and a great brooch really dress up the classic jeans and pin-striped blazer. We love how this seemingly deconstructed look is perfectly assembled. 

Thursday, March 17

Hello Ms. Fancy Pants.

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Fancy pants and combat boots. This look is edgy, fun, flirty. We love the slight salmon touch and the gold embellishments on the belt that bring the intricate femininity to the ensemble. 

Wednesday, March 16

I love Paris in the springtime...

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Silk pants and bicycles are what we are craving this spring. On this little parisian getaway we're falling in love with the season's latest. 

Tuesday, March 15

Your time has come, now hasten little snowflakes, to vanish quite away.

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A goodbye to winter. The time has come to stock up on new spring trends and finally shed that fur. 

Monday, March 14

Strong and delicate, leather and lace.

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Camel, camel everywhere. We love the contrast in soft and hard texture in this look. The rich cashmere scarf worn with bad-ass combat booties. It's really want feminine looks are all about, being both strong and delicate. 

Sunday, March 13

You and I may not see the same color as red.

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A deep red trench brings a modern bright touch to a classic item. Color is often all it takes to make a classic an innovation, the cut and style are simple but the color is what screams originality. How do you give your trench it's own personality? 

Saturday, March 12

People who need people, are the luckiest people in the world.

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Our winning submission for the Zara People campaign. We're in love with the bright colors and the dandy touch brought on by the bow-tie. A winning combination to say the very least. 

Friday, March 11

That's our thing, we have sunglasses for everything!

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It's spring time, at least for today. These adorable flowery sunglasses caught our eye and the lovely paisley top and chic high wasted shorts kept us lusting. 

Thursday, March 10

Forever as long as the rivers run but now the water no longer comes.

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These geometric almost native americanesque prints are everywhere as the season is changing. We love the vintage vibe they bring and worn with sexy lace up heels they give off a truly high fashion vibe. 

Wednesday, March 9

Make new friends but keep the old.

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Sometimes the best things in life come from others. Inheritance is a theme we've been thinking about a lot lately. How some things we cherish most are the ones that have had another life. Giving new life to the clothes we wear is what makes them unique. It's what gives our look a quality that none other posseses. This eighties motif is rendered young, it stands out from the masses and perfectly accessorized loses all of its antiquity. 

Tuesday, March 8

I've always seen myself as sort of this funky, eclectic artist.

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The look of a creative professional. It's eclectic, it's seemingly structured but taking a closer look it's more justly all over the place. From big patterned fabric earrings to giant Hello Kitty rings. We love this big checked cloak worn with sexy dancer's leggings, we can't get enough of the high waisted skirt with the little belt reminiscent of old time western films and the classic elegance brought by a sailor striped top. 

Monday, March 7

Her clothing is silk and purple.

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Sunny silk patterns and smiles. We love the layers and dimensions of this look. It is truly like a breath of sunny bliss. 

Sunday, March 6

A love pirate ? I am no love pirate. What do they mean by that ?

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It's carnaval, give your costume the same attention you give your style, from head to toe, accessories and all. This little man didn't cut corners, and you shouldn't either. 

Saturday, March 5

I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one.

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Flowing floral tops are back. We love the adorable lace collar and the chic pants and brown leather accessories look gorgeous with these flowing materials. A real spring preview ensemble. 

Friday, March 4

I thought of that while riding my bicycle.

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More vintage knits, more colors and more sunshine please! We are loving the beginning of this season and all of the brightness that's coming with it. Grab your shades and your bike, let's go for a ride in the sun.

Thursday, March 3

Paint the town red.

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Red pants can be loud but these provide a kind of muted image of timeless elegance. We love the classic backpack, the gorgeous blazer and the feminine touch of a silk scarf. 

Wednesday, March 2

Just a vision of you, electric blue.

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Cardigans and collared shirts are what the upcoming season is all about. Wear your grey jeans with a touch of sun in the form of an electric blue bag. 

Tuesday, March 1

Nothing left but smoke and cellar and a woman with a black umbrella.

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With weather like this the only solution seems to be to take it with a grain of creativity. We love this original umbrella with it's gothic vibe. Worn with coral pastels and earth tones it gives new life to this old world accessory. 


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