Thursday, June 30

A loafer always has the correct time.

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We're loving these heels, black and brown with that uncanny way of transforming menswear into something incredibly feminine. Worn with the perfect biker jacket and a summer knit dress this look can take you anywhere. 

Wednesday, June 29

If by accident on the Pont des Arts you meet the wind, the mischeivous wind, prudence, guard your petticoat!

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The Pont des Arts is for lovers, lovers of fashion, lovers of Paris, lovers of summer and clearly lovers of beige. We're loving this adorable crochet bonnet. 

Tuesday, June 28

Grecian blue waters.

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These long pleated skirts in the deepest of blues are reminding us of past trips to Greece. With the city boiling hot we're thankful for those of you wearing these beautiful cooling colors. 

Monday, June 27

Le Mont Saint Michel takes the streets again.

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Our next model for Le Mont Saint Michel showing these two amazing pieces, once again inspired by the Wild West, very appropriate for these sweltering hot days we feel. 

Saturday, June 25

Here's to the blue of it, heavenly view of it.

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In our celebration of menswear through Paris and Milan we're seeing colors all over the place. These three guys seem to have understood what next season is all about: red, white and blue! We couldn't be happier with the designers who have chosen to colorize our gentlemen, boys need color and they look so handsome in these primaries. 

Friday, June 24

Le Mont Saint Michel Tied With a Bow.

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One of our favorite pieces from Le Mont Saint Michel. This adorable cardigan is a classic from this collection with its gorgeous chevron print, reminiscent of the great West. The bow belt gives a charming, cute vibe to the whole look. 

Thursday, June 23

I'm strictly tourist but I couldn't care less cause when they parlez-vous me then I gotta confess...

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Hipsters walking down the Champs-Elysées. We love these summer on-the-go looks. Its great to be a tourist in your own city but its even better not to look like one. Take your best outfits on vacation with you this summer, export your style. 

Wednesday, June 22

If women didn't exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.

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A printed dress is always a stand-out item. We're loving this nature print on the long Grecian inspired gown, perhaps a little wink at the Mugler show today! 

Tuesday, June 21

I did not really choose the red sole. Its more like the red sole came to me and had to stay with me.

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Black, white and red. This high heeled, high skirt look is taking us to the moon. We love the effortless elegance of a woman in heels. 

Monday, June 20

As the journey of life is short, let's travel first class.

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When you smell like fashion all is right in the world. We wonder if this is what everyone is wearing in Milan right now? Either way we hope you're enjoying menswear! 

Sunday, June 19

You have stayed me in a happy hour.

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More and more prints! We're all over these little silk dresses, they require little to no styling and take you from work to after-work in point-four seconds!

Saturday, June 18

Le Mont Saint Michel takes the streets.

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Our new series of photos for Le Mont Saint Michel, as we take the lovely garments to the streets. 

Friday, June 17

Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?

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An adorable vintage dress can take you very far in your little green flats. We love the bag, the trench of course and the great sunglasses, a look with character. 

Wednesday, June 15

Man is a dog's idea of what God should be.

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Dogs can also be status symbols, this pooch inspires a sense of authority to its owner. When you're really a big-shot, its best if you walk your dog, not the other way around. Try to do it with gold details, even better. 

Tuesday, June 14

What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.

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Floral print for 2? These gorgeous flower prints that are popping up everywhere are making us want to have an English tea party in a garden! Our Parisian half is doing her best with what she has grooming her little window garden with tiny roses but really what she wants is a printed dress like this one!

Monday, June 13

The miracle is not to walk on water.

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Walking on a mirror, checking out your beautiful teal dress. This laid-back look is so simple yet so perfect for a little shopping or a pastry with a friend. 

Friday, June 10

I'm a big man, I need big hair.

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Sometimes the only accessory you need is your own hair. We love this sharp summer outfit, a little dark for the sun but those high-waters are making it all worthwhile. 

Tuesday, June 7

An empty canvas is a living wonder.

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Sometimes its all about accessories. Sometimes you need to wear the biggest loudest sunglasses and the colorful scarf and the only possible backdrop to do them justice is classic, timeless and black. 

Monday, June 6

Any color. So long as it's black.

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Bring on the summer black. Who ever said you can't wear black on sunny days? Despite our never ending love for color this look is so chic, with a simple little black dress, an amazing set of wedges and a canary colored bag you have yourself a look that will turn heads in the office and on the street. 

Sunday, June 5

Be bold, be bold and everywhere be bold.

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The bolder and the brighter the better. We love the native inspired feel of this look. With fringe and patterns that are bright and beautiful this feels like summer. 

Saturday, June 4

A girl in a convertible is worth five in the phone book.

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Sometimes I long for my convertible, but when I see convertibles like this one I realize mine is really nothing to be dreaming about at night. This little car is like a time machine that could take us to the most magical vintage picnic on the beach to drink Pimms and wear 1950s bikinis with patterned swimming caps that have straps. 

Friday, June 3

For your own sake you should give her a new gown.

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When your dress reaches the floor it says something. It says that you aren't afraid to express yourself through what you wear. Gowns that brush the ground one of the signs that you're not wearing clothes, you're making a fashion statement. 

Wednesday, June 1

All that glitters is gold.

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If it glitters than we like it. If it shimmers than we love it. And if it glows, well if it glows we have to have it. 


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