Monday, April 30

The Princess of Paris

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You're a Parisian princess with your long romantic tu-tu and your flats that disappear onto your feet. You don't seem fazed by your royal status so you borrow Prince Charming's blue office shirt and style it to fit yourself. Your short afro is fun and flirty, it illustrates your effortless elegance. There is such thing as a low maintenance princess and that's you. 

Thursday, April 26

Afterwork Ready.

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This week it seems as though the office is the most social place there is. With deadlines coming to an end everyone is going out with their co-workers and that means being prepared for anything. Give your workwear a little pizzazz with a long flowing skirt, some dangerously high platforms and a great spring nail polish, you'll still be office friendly but you'll also be cute for cocktails come 6 o'clock.

Wednesday, April 25

All I want's a picnic.

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When all you want is to get out and have a picnic with your loved one, when every ray of sun is followed by disappointment as you see the downpour only 20 seconds later, when you're dreaming of your short sleeved denim, that's when you'll know, April is the most deceiving of months.

Monday, April 23

How big is your knit?

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Keep your vintage knits handy for this dreadful Parisian spring. As much as we were lead to believe that the warmer temps were here to stay the rain, wind and cold has reminded us that we best keep some warmer staples on hand. The best way to deal with this disappointment is to keep your spirits bright with springtime pastels and denim but keep warm with an oversized knit. 

Wednesday, April 18

Print my shirt.

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Prints for guys, they're something few designers do well, the name Dries Van Noten comes to mind, maybe a little Versace for the more daring but really most men avoid these patterns like the plague. The goal with these navajo inspired prints is in our mind a way for guys to experiment with prints, to attribute them to their often basic and monocromatic wardrobes, giving their look a polished feel but preserving their manhood. 

Monday, April 16

It's a walk in the park.

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Take a walk in the park on your lunch break this week. Even if the air is cool, the sun is out and after a long hard winter it's time to enjoy your new wardrobe and show it off to all of the lucky ones who spend their days lounging in the grass. It'll make you feel better about having to work all day, we promise! 

Friday, April 13

Wedding photos, stay out of my park.

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An afternoon stroll in the park is the perfect chance to catch up on your reading and crosswords. It is not however the best place to get your cheesy wedding photos taken. Take note French brides, we're watching you from behind our newspapers.

Thursday, April 12

Don't judge a girl until you have walked two moons in her moccasins.

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Well hello there perfect moccasins! We absolutely cannot get enough of these adorable little shoes. Part slipper, part loafer, part mocc, the colors are perfect for springtime and the comfort ideal for city strolls and café breaks. 

Wednesday, April 11

Chambray, man's other best friend.

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Let the chambray shirt be your friend again this Spring. Like man's best friend this is a shirt to depend on, a classic, worn with lace-up boating shoes, a pair of khakis and your trusty Wayfarers, the chambray shirt is a staple in all of your springtime flair. 

Tuesday, April 10

Take these broken wings and learn to fly.

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Dark as the night, dark as a crow. We love these simple black looks. They're edgy, yet accessible, they feel both sharp and warm. 

Wednesday, April 4

A far cry from your average skate store.

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Skateboarders are known for a lot of things: disrupting the peace, injuries, skipping school and scaring the elderly. What is rarely recognized is their great taste in knitwear. Here you go, a skater with a great vintage knit. The whole community should be proud.

Monday, April 2


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Shirt-dresses, they're great. They're masculine yet feminine, simple yet sexy. We love the way the layers in this look, the deep rich colors and the way the pattern sneaks out through the bottom of the sweater. It's always a good idea to pair a dress with a sweater, it gives you a whole new dress and it's a great way to be prepared for whatever weather or event the day might bring!


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