Monday, July 9

Let me take you to...

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For many fashion students it's graduation time. Instead of strapping on a cap'n'gown like the rest of us, fashion students put on shows. They've been letting us inside their imaginations and revealing their personal take on design. Some of them keep us guessing...

Friday, July 6

If you're going to San Francisco

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More on student work here: commercial constraints kill creation. Exibit number 1: Milan Fashion Week. That's why we all love Paris, and that's also why we love student work. When freed from their constraints of constantly having to worry about selling students create what comes from their mind and heart and we remember what design is. 

Wednesday, July 4

Summertime in the city.

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Oh hey look, the sun is out! Boys, grab your Louis Vuitton clutches! Seriously? No not seriously, but actually please do put on a great white hat, a pair of plaid shorts in preppy as all get out shorts and some suede lace-up. Your enormous aviators will make it look as if you're on the Riviera even if you're stuck in Paris, that's fine though, what matters is where you're head's at! 

Tuesday, July 3

Cherish is a word I use to describe you.

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Students are the future. As cheesy and terrible as it sounds, we all have to take a second to admire their work because even if we choose not to talk about them now before we know it their names will be on everyones' lips and we'll regret not cherishing them while we could still get into their shows! 

Monday, July 2

I'm going to cut that sweater off.

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Hey, I just saw you and this is crazy, but you need to take your sweater off so please do baby. 

Sunday, July 1

It's Fashion Week Yo!

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 It's Fashion Week. We all know what that means: stylish people from around the world are litterally flocking to our city to show us how it's done and we love it. How does a Japanese girl wear her Isabel Marant sneaker wedges? Why with a baggy pair of silk pants of course! And how does her male counterpart sport his Bottega Veneta bag? With a bright gingham blazer layered over a simple cardigan and t-shirt. This week we're running from show to show but the magic is also happening in the street. 

Thursday, June 21

Pack your bags, we're getting out of here!

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We're done. Completely. We cannot stand it any longer, the weather here has taken it's toll on us and the lovely summer we were expecting when buying our summer essentials hasn't come. Our solution? Keep a lovely vintage suitcase on you with your bathing suit and towel in tow at all times and put a jacket on over your summer collection. It's the only way we can pretend August has arrived. 

Sunday, June 17

Summertime is like...

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Summertime is like a walk in the park. We've all started our countdown to August when we can finally escape the city and return to our homelands, in the meantime Parisian/Bordelais Summer it is. We hope your's is fab. 


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