Saturday, March 31

Oops! I'm freezing.

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For those horrible days when the sun escapes and the clouds roll in reminding us that spring is not quite at our doorstep just yet we give you the giant scarf. It's removable, it's cozy, it's more than just a statement, it's the faux-spring essential! Pair it with your favorite mid-season items, a cute jean jacket, your trusty low-heeled lace-ups and a great floral print! 

Green, green pants.

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Green pants, we know a whole collection of guys who wear almost exclusively green pants. They're the most fun you can have in a trench coat and a simple navy sweater, the perfect dude item for the guy who doesn't understand accessories other than his trusty backpack. 

Friday, March 30

I love your hat, it's just dandy!

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There's a wonderful thing about hats, they make any look seem more demure. We love all of the different materials in this look, from the classic tiny tweed pants with their lovely pinnings to the velvet smoking jacket paired as a three piece suit with a cashmere cardigan and of course, the hat. The look is dandy, grandiose and more than all a youthful yet classic take on a suit: brilliant. 

Thursday, March 29

Kitsch … is one of the major categories of the modern object.

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Novelty sweaters, we love to hate them, we hate to love them, but when their taken to a certain level of ugliness they become enchanting. A comfortable favorite made cool by it's almost Jeremy Scott level of kitsch. 

Wednesday, March 28

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.

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Well hello there Mr. Bird! We love the contrasting materials in this look, from the sheerness of the silk dress to the rough new denim of the jacket. It's a gorgeous combination when you just can't wait to let your springtime favorites out of the closet!

Monday, March 26

Take me to the CMAs and then out dancing.

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Cowgirl boots are a funny thing, most girls love them, run to them for comfort, protection and a touch of fun in any outfit. We can't get enough of their authentic feel, the way they drift seamlessly from season to season, they are the true embodiment of a timeless classic without the bourgeois connotation so often seen in likely pieces. 

Sunday, March 25

Send me some flowers to put on my desk.

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Get your spring on this week, it's going to be lovely. After an amazing weekend of eating out, picnics, cocktails and dancing in the sultry spring air it's time to go back to work tomorrow and we're thinking it's a week to allow some flowers into your office space. 

Friday, March 23

Friday Night Lights

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It's Friday night, leave the office and strap on your best costume. There's always a reason to play the role of someone else, especially after what might feel like the longest work week in history. We suggest less layers than our friend here since the sun is shining and the temps are rising!

Wednesday, March 21

I hear birds chirping!

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See that glimmer of sun? See that piece of light coming through the clouds? Just like her adorable and cheerful headband we're smelling tiny whifs of what might just be...Spring! 

Tuesday, March 20

It's March, keep your clothes on!

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There's a saying here in France that in March you shouldn't remove a single thread. With all of the amazing sunshine we've been experiencing it's a little hard to let go of that warm and cozy fur that's carried us through the winter. How does one store this beautiful thing? Where is the best place to have it laundered and cared for before the next frost? 

Saturday, March 17

Out of the sheerness of her skirt.

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There an interesting way to layer that one rarely considers: the prospect of a sheer skirt worn above a pair of dark colored shorts or a mini skirt. We love how the skirt barely lets the shoes worn underneath or the shorts be seen. The belt is twisted, the sleeves carefully rolled up and the jewelry and and headpiece carefully chosen. It's a look that appears to belong to the simplest but what it really is, is a precise inspection of the garments' attributes and the possibilities that lie within. 

Sunday, March 11

Flannel City.

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Tartan pants are not just for lazy Sundays in bed. Take your warm and comfy trousers to the streets as you backpack through the city!

Thursday, March 8

Skirt with a purpose?

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This skirt is bold and bright, the smile is the same. We just feel a slight pinch in our hearts as it reminds us of the safety blankets given by rescue teams to victims of war and the homeless. Needless to say it shines brightly and warms the soul on a cold winter day. 

Tuesday, March 6

Neon tweed on the streets.

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Graphism. It's a way of life for many. When you take tweed, possibly the most quintessencially grandmotherly fabric and you make it bold, you highlight it with pastels, make it big, it becomes young, hip and incredibly urban. We love the color reminder on the soles of the shoes and the phone. Clearly yellow is a fave for this fashion runner. 

Sunday, March 4

She lives in a fancy apartment off the boulevard Saint Michel

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It's a tapistry, yet it's also a coat. It hangs like a piece of the past on a fresh young face. We can't get enough. 

Saturday, March 3


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Every leather good in our lives has a story. The longer the story the deeper the love. How many papers, how many notes, and how many pens have lived inside? How many streets, in how many countries, how many miles have these two beauties walked? 


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