Thursday, May 31

A big big collar, like a dutchman.

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 The bigger the better, at least that's true when it comes to Peter Pan collars. We've seen them everywhere this past season and it's easy to forget who really brought them to us: the older generation. 

Saturday, May 26

Get under my big umbrella.

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Sudden downpours this time of year mean that being prepared is of the utmost importance. A big umbrella is an accessory, like a fancy walking stick for the younger generation and worn with a vintage inspired cardigan, some cool boating shoes and a pair of bordeaux colored pants, you couldn't be more chic for spring. 

Monday, May 21

I couldn't be more envious.

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Well, we wish this was our reality right now. The truth is I don't know if we will have a spring to wear gorgeous vintage inspired shift dresses and flatter than flat barely there sandals. For now, spring seems further than ever as we tread through unexpected torrential rain and cold, every meeting ruined by bad hair and the perpetual smell of wet dog in the air.

Thursday, May 17

I can see your socks there underneather your moccasins, take them off please!

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It's a holiday! Again! So wear the vest but put a casual checked shirt underneath and pair it with some brand-new looking jeans and don't forget your moccasins. However, we would like to remind you that moccassins are worn strictly without socks Mr!

Wednesday, May 16

Springtime is for cardigans.

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Springtime and the basics are coming out. A cardigan truly is your best friend so grab that, a pair of khakis and some boating shoes worn with your best pastel shirt and you have your springtime uniform. 

Monday, May 14

Everything small is cute.

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Kids in style are possibly the most stylish. Ever wonder why sample size shoes are so much better looking? Because everything small is cute and neon pants are no exception. 

I've just always wanted to wear a bow tie.

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Monday, May 7

Creating your own norm.

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Oftentimes it's all about the detail and what you make of it. A look can be oppressing, a uniform that fits poorly or hides one's true style. With adorable details like this one you can regain your personality without getting in trouble. 

Thursday, May 3

All rolled up...

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 Welcome to May, the month to roll up your sleeves, your pant legs, strap on some more colorful shoes and get out your pastel colored striped! This guy gets it and so should you, now you just have to rifle through your piles of scarves and sweaters to find those darned Ray-Bans! 

Tuesday, May 1

May Day Leopard.

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Happy May Day! Here in France they know exactly how to celebrate spring: with a day off! For those of us still in the city we feel a little lonely, it seems as though almost everyone was given Monday off to get out of town and go exploring. That's why we're loving the urban safari taking place this spring: leopard here, leopard there, leopard prints are great for every season but springtime in the city with a touch of animal love couldn't be any cooler. So please enjoy this day of sun and let's toast to many more! 


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