Friday, October 14

How to comb your afro.

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There is something about a hair comb that I believe attracks different types of people. For a long time these were associated with older ladies who wore then decorated with beads and pearls. Then, for some unknown reason, they were adopted by rap culture and picked into afros as a sign of some sort. My lack of knowledge on rap style prevents me from explaining this trend but this woman seems to have a rather comical take on the affair. With a large tag for bling-factor and this histerical comb she is the epitome of gansta style in all of her primp and proper elegance. The perfect juxtaposition of style and class. 

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  1. Aaah donc c'est à ça que ça sert ce genre de peigne!!! There was a lifeguard at the YMCA with one of these planted into his afro, and I didn't really understand, like, are you supposed to comb your hair with it or is it just decorative? Cause it kinda got a handle... Anyways I think I prefer the old ladies version, or the ones in Rousseau's confessions, "les peignes de Mademoiselle" that he broke (I think). This lady's look rocks though!




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