Friday, December 30

Let your colors pop in the winter sun.

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Pops of color in the winter sun. We love them. They warm up tiny cold toes and those around you. 

Thursday, December 29

Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz

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Fur is not just for women, it's a detail that has been worn by men throughout the times and it continues to speak for elegance and refinement. 

Friday, December 23

Christmas countdown empty handed.

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Shopping with your hands free, it's something we haven't seen in a while. If you're a happily organized person who has gotten all of their holiday shopping done and you're now free to roam empty handed, we envy you as we jump in the car for another round of the violent sporting event commonly refered to as Christmas Shopping. 

Wednesday, December 21

Camel coats in tip top form.

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Nothing can replace a long camel coat and a shapely hat.

Monday, December 19

Dance, dance in your shiny shoes.

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Snazzy seems to be the word of the week. With the holidays around the corner it's all about shiny shoes and tights, short dresses and comfy coats. We're all sacrificing a little comfort for glam and it's working quite nicely. 

Sunday, December 18

Hold on tight to your big balloon.

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Sometimes we spend hours and hours scouring for the perfect gift when the simplest things make the ones we love happiest. 

Saturday, December 17

Like a rock star.

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Dress like a rock star while you do your holiday shopping with a leopard v-neck, some styling plaid pants and a furry warm jacket and your bluest aviators. 

Thursday, December 15

And that's when he pulled a ring out of his jacket pocket.

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An inside pocket is something very intimate. It's where you keep your most valuable posessions. We feel like it's the trap door in the library of every great mystery, it's where all the good stuff is kept safe and where the key to the story is held. Just as no man should ever riffle through a girl's purse no girl should ever touch a man's pockets. 

Thursday, December 8

Bat your lashes foxy, I'm taking you for a ride.

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When you live in France as a guest you see the world with a different set of eyes. As one of us prepares to cross back to where she came from she finds herself appreciating the "Frenchest" things in life like the great curves of a car with two horsepower. Or the adorably functional eyelashes used to keep it's paint job prestine and free of feathered friends. 

Wednesday, December 7

A dandy suit indeed for all of those in need

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A dandy pair of brightly colored pants to cheer us up from all of this grey weather is just what we needed today. With other preppy accessories from ascot to vest this look is classic yet fun, dressy but casual at the same time. We love the use of color and the different elements of a traditional suit broken down into a much more personal matter. 

Sunday, December 4

Baby Doll! Big Shot!

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Those baby-doll looks, they're just irrestistable and virtually anyone can throw them together with items you already have in your closet: a cute pair of Mary Janes, a boxy crop top, some knee high socks and a little hair accessory and you're cute to go!

Saturday, December 3

A little peroxide never hurt anyone.

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Your punk rock hair and your shiny jacket, it's the Jenny Humphrey chic, the cute rocker girl who isn't intimidating but rather stylish. With Harajuku influences this isn't any fake Manga paraphanelia, this is a style, a fashion and we suggest you try it out this Saturday night. 

Friday, December 2

Those bright colored jeans don't fool me.

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It's the late eighties and I'm loving every minute of it! Wait, maybe not, but let's pretend why don't we?

Thursday, December 1

Strikingly red

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Don't be afraid to match in a striking way, stand out with your blinding colors. 


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