Monday, July 9

Let me take you to...

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For many fashion students it's graduation time. Instead of strapping on a cap'n'gown like the rest of us, fashion students put on shows. They've been letting us inside their imaginations and revealing their personal take on design. Some of them keep us guessing...

Friday, July 6

If you're going to San Francisco

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More on student work here: commercial constraints kill creation. Exibit number 1: Milan Fashion Week. That's why we all love Paris, and that's also why we love student work. When freed from their constraints of constantly having to worry about selling students create what comes from their mind and heart and we remember what design is. 

Wednesday, July 4

Summertime in the city.

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Oh hey look, the sun is out! Boys, grab your Louis Vuitton clutches! Seriously? No not seriously, but actually please do put on a great white hat, a pair of plaid shorts in preppy as all get out shorts and some suede lace-up. Your enormous aviators will make it look as if you're on the Riviera even if you're stuck in Paris, that's fine though, what matters is where you're head's at! 

Tuesday, July 3

Cherish is a word I use to describe you.

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Students are the future. As cheesy and terrible as it sounds, we all have to take a second to admire their work because even if we choose not to talk about them now before we know it their names will be on everyones' lips and we'll regret not cherishing them while we could still get into their shows! 

Monday, July 2

I'm going to cut that sweater off.

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Hey, I just saw you and this is crazy, but you need to take your sweater off so please do baby. 

Sunday, July 1

It's Fashion Week Yo!

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 It's Fashion Week. We all know what that means: stylish people from around the world are litterally flocking to our city to show us how it's done and we love it. How does a Japanese girl wear her Isabel Marant sneaker wedges? Why with a baggy pair of silk pants of course! And how does her male counterpart sport his Bottega Veneta bag? With a bright gingham blazer layered over a simple cardigan and t-shirt. This week we're running from show to show but the magic is also happening in the street. 

Thursday, June 21

Pack your bags, we're getting out of here!

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We're done. Completely. We cannot stand it any longer, the weather here has taken it's toll on us and the lovely summer we were expecting when buying our summer essentials hasn't come. Our solution? Keep a lovely vintage suitcase on you with your bathing suit and towel in tow at all times and put a jacket on over your summer collection. It's the only way we can pretend August has arrived. 

Sunday, June 17

Summertime is like...

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Summertime is like a walk in the park. We've all started our countdown to August when we can finally escape the city and return to our homelands, in the meantime Parisian/Bordelais Summer it is. We hope your's is fab. 

Thursday, June 14

It's Menswear.

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London Collections Menswear SS 2013 starts tomorrow! We're celebrating by showing you the great designers of the future. This look from the Mod'Art show in Paris a few days ago we think illustrates perfectly student work: it's inspired by their ideals in terms of design and strives to innovate, it shows the growing importance of menswear in the global fashion market and it's young, fun, and dynamic. 

Happy Fashion Week Boys!

Friday, June 8

His and Her's.

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His and her's bags are great. We love a good backpack and this navajo inspired piece is perfect for picnics and festivals this summer. For the girls we're loving totes, they're great for storing books and magazines, a bottle of water and some sunscreen for all of your holiday adventures. 

Thursday, June 7

Hats are nicer than Nigella's Burkini.

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Hats, you all know we love them but this season we might be loving them just a little more. We are firm believers in sun protection, and although we are not taking it to the Nigella Lawson level and sporting a Burkini we do feel that it is important for your health and safety to wear a hat on sunny summer days. Thankfully straw hats are fetching and we suggest you buy them by the dozen.

Tuesday, June 5

And she travelled in style accross foreign borders.

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Tourist garb can be the worst. We've seen so many fanny-packs and baseball hats, it's nice to know that some people know how to travel in style. Wedges should be your best friends this summer, a big crossover bag allows you to carry all of your necessary maps and cameras and a short summery jacket is perfect for changing temperatures. Please remember that as a tourist you are also an ambassador, show off your local flair. 

Saturday, June 2

There's a band of sunlight.

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There is no telling why this look draws you in, when we're forever told to never mix patterns, when two shades of the same color are always wrong, when a black watch should never be worn with a blue ensemble, we don't understand it but it somehow stands for a laidback summer. 

Thursday, May 31

A big big collar, like a dutchman.

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 The bigger the better, at least that's true when it comes to Peter Pan collars. We've seen them everywhere this past season and it's easy to forget who really brought them to us: the older generation. 

Saturday, May 26

Get under my big umbrella.

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Sudden downpours this time of year mean that being prepared is of the utmost importance. A big umbrella is an accessory, like a fancy walking stick for the younger generation and worn with a vintage inspired cardigan, some cool boating shoes and a pair of bordeaux colored pants, you couldn't be more chic for spring. 

Monday, May 21

I couldn't be more envious.

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Well, we wish this was our reality right now. The truth is I don't know if we will have a spring to wear gorgeous vintage inspired shift dresses and flatter than flat barely there sandals. For now, spring seems further than ever as we tread through unexpected torrential rain and cold, every meeting ruined by bad hair and the perpetual smell of wet dog in the air.

Thursday, May 17

I can see your socks there underneather your moccasins, take them off please!

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It's a holiday! Again! So wear the vest but put a casual checked shirt underneath and pair it with some brand-new looking jeans and don't forget your moccasins. However, we would like to remind you that moccassins are worn strictly without socks Mr!

Wednesday, May 16

Springtime is for cardigans.

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Springtime and the basics are coming out. A cardigan truly is your best friend so grab that, a pair of khakis and some boating shoes worn with your best pastel shirt and you have your springtime uniform. 

Monday, May 14

Everything small is cute.

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Kids in style are possibly the most stylish. Ever wonder why sample size shoes are so much better looking? Because everything small is cute and neon pants are no exception. 

I've just always wanted to wear a bow tie.

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Monday, May 7

Creating your own norm.

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Oftentimes it's all about the detail and what you make of it. A look can be oppressing, a uniform that fits poorly or hides one's true style. With adorable details like this one you can regain your personality without getting in trouble. 

Thursday, May 3

All rolled up...

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 Welcome to May, the month to roll up your sleeves, your pant legs, strap on some more colorful shoes and get out your pastel colored striped! This guy gets it and so should you, now you just have to rifle through your piles of scarves and sweaters to find those darned Ray-Bans! 

Tuesday, May 1

May Day Leopard.

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Happy May Day! Here in France they know exactly how to celebrate spring: with a day off! For those of us still in the city we feel a little lonely, it seems as though almost everyone was given Monday off to get out of town and go exploring. That's why we're loving the urban safari taking place this spring: leopard here, leopard there, leopard prints are great for every season but springtime in the city with a touch of animal love couldn't be any cooler. So please enjoy this day of sun and let's toast to many more! 

Monday, April 30

The Princess of Paris

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You're a Parisian princess with your long romantic tu-tu and your flats that disappear onto your feet. You don't seem fazed by your royal status so you borrow Prince Charming's blue office shirt and style it to fit yourself. Your short afro is fun and flirty, it illustrates your effortless elegance. There is such thing as a low maintenance princess and that's you. 

Thursday, April 26

Afterwork Ready.

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This week it seems as though the office is the most social place there is. With deadlines coming to an end everyone is going out with their co-workers and that means being prepared for anything. Give your workwear a little pizzazz with a long flowing skirt, some dangerously high platforms and a great spring nail polish, you'll still be office friendly but you'll also be cute for cocktails come 6 o'clock.

Wednesday, April 25

All I want's a picnic.

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When all you want is to get out and have a picnic with your loved one, when every ray of sun is followed by disappointment as you see the downpour only 20 seconds later, when you're dreaming of your short sleeved denim, that's when you'll know, April is the most deceiving of months.

Monday, April 23

How big is your knit?

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Keep your vintage knits handy for this dreadful Parisian spring. As much as we were lead to believe that the warmer temps were here to stay the rain, wind and cold has reminded us that we best keep some warmer staples on hand. The best way to deal with this disappointment is to keep your spirits bright with springtime pastels and denim but keep warm with an oversized knit. 

Wednesday, April 18

Print my shirt.

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Prints for guys, they're something few designers do well, the name Dries Van Noten comes to mind, maybe a little Versace for the more daring but really most men avoid these patterns like the plague. The goal with these navajo inspired prints is in our mind a way for guys to experiment with prints, to attribute them to their often basic and monocromatic wardrobes, giving their look a polished feel but preserving their manhood. 

Monday, April 16

It's a walk in the park.

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Take a walk in the park on your lunch break this week. Even if the air is cool, the sun is out and after a long hard winter it's time to enjoy your new wardrobe and show it off to all of the lucky ones who spend their days lounging in the grass. It'll make you feel better about having to work all day, we promise! 

Friday, April 13

Wedding photos, stay out of my park.

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An afternoon stroll in the park is the perfect chance to catch up on your reading and crosswords. It is not however the best place to get your cheesy wedding photos taken. Take note French brides, we're watching you from behind our newspapers.

Thursday, April 12

Don't judge a girl until you have walked two moons in her moccasins.

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Well hello there perfect moccasins! We absolutely cannot get enough of these adorable little shoes. Part slipper, part loafer, part mocc, the colors are perfect for springtime and the comfort ideal for city strolls and café breaks. 

Wednesday, April 11

Chambray, man's other best friend.

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Let the chambray shirt be your friend again this Spring. Like man's best friend this is a shirt to depend on, a classic, worn with lace-up boating shoes, a pair of khakis and your trusty Wayfarers, the chambray shirt is a staple in all of your springtime flair. 

Tuesday, April 10

Take these broken wings and learn to fly.

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Dark as the night, dark as a crow. We love these simple black looks. They're edgy, yet accessible, they feel both sharp and warm. 

Wednesday, April 4

A far cry from your average skate store.

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Skateboarders are known for a lot of things: disrupting the peace, injuries, skipping school and scaring the elderly. What is rarely recognized is their great taste in knitwear. Here you go, a skater with a great vintage knit. The whole community should be proud.

Monday, April 2


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Shirt-dresses, they're great. They're masculine yet feminine, simple yet sexy. We love the way the layers in this look, the deep rich colors and the way the pattern sneaks out through the bottom of the sweater. It's always a good idea to pair a dress with a sweater, it gives you a whole new dress and it's a great way to be prepared for whatever weather or event the day might bring!

Saturday, March 31

Oops! I'm freezing.

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For those horrible days when the sun escapes and the clouds roll in reminding us that spring is not quite at our doorstep just yet we give you the giant scarf. It's removable, it's cozy, it's more than just a statement, it's the faux-spring essential! Pair it with your favorite mid-season items, a cute jean jacket, your trusty low-heeled lace-ups and a great floral print! 

Green, green pants.

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Green pants, we know a whole collection of guys who wear almost exclusively green pants. They're the most fun you can have in a trench coat and a simple navy sweater, the perfect dude item for the guy who doesn't understand accessories other than his trusty backpack. 

Friday, March 30

I love your hat, it's just dandy!

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There's a wonderful thing about hats, they make any look seem more demure. We love all of the different materials in this look, from the classic tiny tweed pants with their lovely pinnings to the velvet smoking jacket paired as a three piece suit with a cashmere cardigan and of course, the hat. The look is dandy, grandiose and more than all a youthful yet classic take on a suit: brilliant. 

Thursday, March 29

Kitsch … is one of the major categories of the modern object.

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Novelty sweaters, we love to hate them, we hate to love them, but when their taken to a certain level of ugliness they become enchanting. A comfortable favorite made cool by it's almost Jeremy Scott level of kitsch. 

Wednesday, March 28

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.

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Well hello there Mr. Bird! We love the contrasting materials in this look, from the sheerness of the silk dress to the rough new denim of the jacket. It's a gorgeous combination when you just can't wait to let your springtime favorites out of the closet!

Monday, March 26

Take me to the CMAs and then out dancing.

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Cowgirl boots are a funny thing, most girls love them, run to them for comfort, protection and a touch of fun in any outfit. We can't get enough of their authentic feel, the way they drift seamlessly from season to season, they are the true embodiment of a timeless classic without the bourgeois connotation so often seen in likely pieces. 

Sunday, March 25

Send me some flowers to put on my desk.

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Get your spring on this week, it's going to be lovely. After an amazing weekend of eating out, picnics, cocktails and dancing in the sultry spring air it's time to go back to work tomorrow and we're thinking it's a week to allow some flowers into your office space. 

Friday, March 23

Friday Night Lights

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It's Friday night, leave the office and strap on your best costume. There's always a reason to play the role of someone else, especially after what might feel like the longest work week in history. We suggest less layers than our friend here since the sun is shining and the temps are rising!

Wednesday, March 21

I hear birds chirping!

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See that glimmer of sun? See that piece of light coming through the clouds? Just like her adorable and cheerful headband we're smelling tiny whifs of what might just be...Spring! 

Tuesday, March 20

It's March, keep your clothes on!

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There's a saying here in France that in March you shouldn't remove a single thread. With all of the amazing sunshine we've been experiencing it's a little hard to let go of that warm and cozy fur that's carried us through the winter. How does one store this beautiful thing? Where is the best place to have it laundered and cared for before the next frost? 

Saturday, March 17

Out of the sheerness of her skirt.

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There an interesting way to layer that one rarely considers: the prospect of a sheer skirt worn above a pair of dark colored shorts or a mini skirt. We love how the skirt barely lets the shoes worn underneath or the shorts be seen. The belt is twisted, the sleeves carefully rolled up and the jewelry and and headpiece carefully chosen. It's a look that appears to belong to the simplest but what it really is, is a precise inspection of the garments' attributes and the possibilities that lie within. 

Sunday, March 11

Flannel City.

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Tartan pants are not just for lazy Sundays in bed. Take your warm and comfy trousers to the streets as you backpack through the city!

Thursday, March 8

Skirt with a purpose?

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This skirt is bold and bright, the smile is the same. We just feel a slight pinch in our hearts as it reminds us of the safety blankets given by rescue teams to victims of war and the homeless. Needless to say it shines brightly and warms the soul on a cold winter day. 


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