Monday, January 30

Who's Next, What's Next.

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When fashion professionals gather to shop for their clients at the widely popular and influencial Who's Next tradeshow in Paris, you're sure to find what's next on the streets. They're the first to pick and choose how we'll all fill our wardrobes next season so it's important to take note of their tweet and their winter friendly crepe soled boots. Dressing for work is all the more fun when you're in fashion.

Sunday, January 29

A lunch break in killer heels.

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Sometimes it's ok to be daringly sexy in the middle of the day. An ultra-tight pair of leggings with some killer heels can give you that boost of confidence that will make you jump out from the rest of them. Your stylish wool coat in a conservative navy color will remind them you have dignity and class to go accompany your seductiveness. 

Thursday, January 26

Layer on love, layer on.

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The simplest outfits are often the coziest. With your perfect parka and your snugly wool pea coat you can charm each other's socks off. This winter there is not point in sacrificing comfort for style since comfort is what's in. Army booties, big carpet bags, and bonnets to keep your head warm. Don't worry about looking too bundled up, the key is in the layers. 

Thursday, January 19

Indians are...

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There is just something about this Navajo style: it's comfortable yet cute, simple yet stylish and has this uncanny vintage vibe that's irrestible. The natural materials used in each piece keep it from ever being trashy or flashy and make for amazing day wear no matter what the destination may be. 

Wednesday, January 18

Is that a moose there on your sweater?

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Those holiday sweaters you just never want to take off. The ones that make you feel like you're sitting by a fire in Norway even when you're walking through the damp rainy street of Paris in January. We love them and you should too. 

Sunday, January 15

Ballerina Pink Fluff.

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Grab your backpack and your patent Doc Martens, strap on a fluffy ballerina skirt and let's go on an adventure! In 2012, let's all travel with some form of irony. 

Tuesday, January 10

Just be bright and comfortably beautiful.

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Forget casual Friday, let's have a casual Wednesday tomorrow in our warm and fuzzy colorful clothes. 

Saturday, January 7

Traveling through style.

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A tourist from another time. Sometimes the most fun you can have as you travel is exposing your exuberant style. There is never any need to feel embarassed or strange because most people will either dismiss you as foreign and forgive your extravagance or find intrigue in your strange accoutrements. So if you happen to have a collection of hippy memorabilia or left over Halloween costumes, your next vacation could be the perfect opportunity to pull them out of the basement. 

Friday, January 6

Army green paint-I mean pants.

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It seems as though we still have not found a pant that could be considered as "too tight". That's not really a problem because the tighter your pants are the more everything else you wear jumps out at you right? Like a deep red satchel or some incredibly large glasses, or even a completely unjustified but much appreciated bow tie in the middle of the afternoon. Whatever you're wearing, if you want your accessories to pop, get yourself some painted on pants. 


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