Thursday, November 17

Backpack, for your back.

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The indispensable, the necessary and probably the most comfortable way for all the guys in our lives to carry their belongings: the backpack. 

As much as girls will tell you they loathe this particular accessory, remiscing on middle school days that were filled with Jansports and Eastpacks, they all prefer to stowe their stuff into totes or handbags. 

Ladies, we are deeply mistaken. 

When you take your boys backpack and run around for a few hours you will feel that that tight shoulder pain you've grown to know and learned to forget is suddenly gone. Gone with it is that constantly slightly curved posture, that strained feeling in your arm. Backpacks are a genius concept. 

The only problem is they look so fetching in vintage leather on men and so positively hideous on their female counterparts. 

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  1. backpacks are so hot at this time of the season! i was thinking about posting for it too :)

    PS i followed :)



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