Friday, October 7

Fading into the backdrop.

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How many times can you see a face that you don't even know? Possibly the scariest part of Fashion Week is the repetitiveness of it all. Every year, at every show we see the same people. As you sit accross from them and watch the same models walk you realize that they are just becoming part of the backdrop. Ms. Dello Russo stands out in the street. There is no doubt about it. When she goes jogging on the Corso Como she shines, so imagine her outside a show; the woman is positively blinding as she leans over and says "Ciao". 

The strangest part is when you walk inside the show and take your seat she suddenly disappears. Every runway shot I have from this season has Anna Dello Russo in the background and only when I looked back at all of my pictures did I realize. It's eerie to think that you sit accross from these people every day for about two months a year but when you think of them they're still nothing but a picture. 

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