Thursday, June 21

Pack your bags, we're getting out of here!

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We're done. Completely. We cannot stand it any longer, the weather here has taken it's toll on us and the lovely summer we were expecting when buying our summer essentials hasn't come. Our solution? Keep a lovely vintage suitcase on you with your bathing suit and towel in tow at all times and put a jacket on over your summer collection. It's the only way we can pretend August has arrived. 

Sunday, June 17

Summertime is like...

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Summertime is like a walk in the park. We've all started our countdown to August when we can finally escape the city and return to our homelands, in the meantime Parisian/Bordelais Summer it is. We hope your's is fab. 

Thursday, June 14

It's Menswear.

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London Collections Menswear SS 2013 starts tomorrow! We're celebrating by showing you the great designers of the future. This look from the Mod'Art show in Paris a few days ago we think illustrates perfectly student work: it's inspired by their ideals in terms of design and strives to innovate, it shows the growing importance of menswear in the global fashion market and it's young, fun, and dynamic. 

Happy Fashion Week Boys!

Friday, June 8

His and Her's.

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His and her's bags are great. We love a good backpack and this navajo inspired piece is perfect for picnics and festivals this summer. For the girls we're loving totes, they're great for storing books and magazines, a bottle of water and some sunscreen for all of your holiday adventures. 

Thursday, June 7

Hats are nicer than Nigella's Burkini.

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Hats, you all know we love them but this season we might be loving them just a little more. We are firm believers in sun protection, and although we are not taking it to the Nigella Lawson level and sporting a Burkini we do feel that it is important for your health and safety to wear a hat on sunny summer days. Thankfully straw hats are fetching and we suggest you buy them by the dozen.

Tuesday, June 5

And she travelled in style accross foreign borders.

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Tourist garb can be the worst. We've seen so many fanny-packs and baseball hats, it's nice to know that some people know how to travel in style. Wedges should be your best friends this summer, a big crossover bag allows you to carry all of your necessary maps and cameras and a short summery jacket is perfect for changing temperatures. Please remember that as a tourist you are also an ambassador, show off your local flair. 

Saturday, June 2

There's a band of sunlight.

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There is no telling why this look draws you in, when we're forever told to never mix patterns, when two shades of the same color are always wrong, when a black watch should never be worn with a blue ensemble, we don't understand it but it somehow stands for a laidback summer. 


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