Thursday, October 6

Fashion is not for the weak.

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Last week we were reunited once again during Fashion Week. Our very first try at paparazzi photos started outside the Kanye West show. Although our collection of photos does not properly represent the star-studded evening that we witnessed we feel these pictures have an inspirational quality, something of a representation of the otherworldliness that is Fashion Week. 

For one week everything in this city changes, everything is somehow more polished, more perfumed, more groomed than you have ever before seen Paris. Yet Fashion Week is also the most unhealthy week of the year for those of us who 'work' it. Journalists and buyers napping before shows start, bloggers being more and more self-righteous and rude, photographers fighting over spots in a show and celebrities looking completely lost when asked how or why they liked a show, trying desperately to pretend that they can embrace this world called Fashion.

So if you will please join us as we show you the glitter and the darkness that is Fashion Week, the exhaustion bestowed upon us may be bringing out a grimmer side but this is what so much beauty in so little time does. It makes you greedy for more. 

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