Wednesday, May 11

Mister and Misses.

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There is a brand new store in town that goes by the name of Monsieur Madame.

To start, we can't get enough of the decorating. Walking into Monsieur Madame is like walking onto a movie set, with vintage touches and mixed patterns. Every detail is precisely thought out to intregue, from the gorgeous wallpaper to the beautiful floating clothes racks, whoever designed this store deserves a great deal of credit.

The menswear they carry is a nice selection of some of the nicer brands of the moment, beautiful rich colored shirts for the spring and summer, beautiful boating boots, classic yet young and fun. 

We fell in love with all of the candles they carry, they're not only beautiful but they smell heavenly as well and when you take a whiff from the large glass bells it's like being transported to an apothecary in another time. 

Along the edges of the counter you'll find little treasures such as these beautiful boots and seaside tops. The other side houses adorable teeny bikinis and some of the most comfortable infinity scarves you've ever tried. 

If you have yet to walk into this hidden gem we suggest you run over there now if not just to check out the beautiful decor. 

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